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Why PetStore.Direct?

We believe in supporting small businesses, including independent pet stores, groomers and product manufacturers. We have been partnering with pet product retailers and groomers, helping them grow their business, and in recent years we saw trends that were hard to ignore.

On the one hand, our retail partners have been asking us to create an e-commerce wholesale shopping experience that would allow them to buy our wholesale pet products online, any time they wanted, even if it’s in the middle of the night. They were also looking for more pet products from other product categories they could conveniently purchase at the same time. There was a hunger and a demand for products not sold by large distributors and not carried by mass retailers like Petco, PetSmart, Target and others. Store owners complained that they have become show rooms for consumers who end up buying the same products they carry at mass retailers or online. Groomers shared their frustration of being overworked and under appreciated by pet owners.

On the other hand, we have become friends with and met incredible people in the pet industry who worked hard to create unique pet products. These pet industry entrepreneurs have dedicated their lives to the dream of designing and manufacturing new products, creating jobs and allowing our country’s economy to grow. Many of them had great ideas and products but lacked resources to reach pet stores and groomers, which left their brands unknown and unrecognized. Their budgets did not allow attending trade shows,like Global Pet Expo and SuperZoo. Large distributors would show no interest of helping these brands to bring their products to pet parents.

We saw a lot of pain on both sides and thought there had to be a better way to bring pet stores, groomers, and product manufacturers together. Pet industry professionals worked too hard and deserved success in their business. They deserved to shop and sell on PetStore.Direct.

PetStore.Direct For Stores

We hope pet stores will enjoy buying wholesale onPetStore.Direct, discovering new products and sharing product reviews with fellow PetStore.Direct members. We look forward to sharing industry trends, daily challenges and best business practices with you. PetStore.Direct is a community and we look forward to your feedback and suggestions. Please reach out and share your favorite products and brands so we can invite them to sell wholesale onPetStore.Direct. Join us today and start shopping wholesale onPetStore.Direct!

PetStore.Direct For Groomers

We have a special place in our heart for pet groomers. We call you pet stylists for a reason. We believe you are incredible artists and nobody can ever understand how hard your job is unless they try doing it. Buying grooming supplies on PetStore.Direct will help you stay safe, find the best products in the industry and look your best in uniforms that are both fashionable and comfortable. Building a retail business in a grooming salon is important to bringing your business to the next level and you can buy unique retail products at wholesale prices on PetStore.Direct. Join us today and start shopping wholesale on PetStore.Direct!

PetStore.Direct For Brands

Are you a brand looking to reach independent pet retailers and pet groomers?  Do you need help finding more customers who can shop wholesale for your products online any time they want?  Are you ready to ship fast and be there if anything goes wrong to make it right?  Then submit a vendor application to join PetStore.Direct asa brand!  We promise to treat you with as much respect as we treat pet store owners and groomers.  Our business cannot succeed without your commitment to excellence and high business ethics.


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