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Groomer's Apron for Dog Fluffing

Groomer's Apron for Dog Fluffing

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In a Nutshell:

  •  invented by a groomer
  •  holds blow dryer so groomer's hands are free to do drying, dematting and fluffing
  • adjusts to three sizes
  • recommended to use with Conair Blackbird dryer

The Groomer's Apron, hands-free grooming device, is a patent pending new product, revolutionizing the grooming industry! The Groomer's Apron was developed by dog groomer, Rodrigo Leite, and has been proven to make your job easier and make you more money!

The Groomer's Apron is a hands-free grooming device which allows you to brush, dry and fluff your dog with ease.

The Apron holds groomer's hair dryer comfortably, securely allowing the groomer to move with ease, drying, fluffing, brushing and handling a dog or cat, all at the same time.

No more neck aches and no more expensive and awkward stand dryers! Each apron can be adjusted to three sizes using the eyelets at the side. The Groomer's Apron comes in Black/Gray and Denim/Purple which is a shorter fit.

Work faster, take more dogs, all the while enjoying your job more!

You'll never go back to the old way!

Rodrigo, like many groomers, was frustrated with the awkward methods of holding a hair dryer while drying and fluffing his dogs. Stand dryers were not practical and holding the dryer in the crook of your neck or the waist of your pants was uncomfortable to say the least. After much trial and error he created the perfect solution to the problem, and The Apron was born. Designed with perfect positioning, security and comfort in mind, The Apron is a must for any quality groomer as well as those looking to improve the quality of their work or expand their current business. Best of all, The Apron is easy enough to use that any pet owner can use it at home to give dogs and cats a professionally polished look. 

PetStore.Direct recommends using The Groomer's Apron withBlack Bird Conair PRO Blow Dryer (model BB075W).

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