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DentaMed Breath Spray 4oz by Davis


Helps reduce plaque while freshening breathOdor causing bacteria eliminated with chlorhexidineCool mint flavorNo rinse spritzFor dogs and cats..

DentaMed Dual-End Toothbrush - 50ct. by Davis


Long handle for extra reachSoft-bristles effectively clean to prevent plaque and periodontal diseaseAngled brush headsTwo brush head sizes so it can be used on any dog or cat..

DentaMed Toothpaste 4.5oz by Davis


Safely and effectively prevents plaque and tartar buildup Beef flavor for easier regular brushingA little goes a long way for good dental health..

Oral Fresh 8oz by Nature's Specialties


In a Nutshell:Oral Spray, pleasant fragrance, relieves bad breath, healthy mouth maintenance Safe to use on dogs, cats, kittens, puppies, pets ..

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