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Your shampoos
Nuria Castro New York 11:55:23 01-25-2018
Hi! I am a groomer with an In-Home business in NYC. I can't praise enough your line of shampoos. Specially the Fashion Pet Spa one, I use the shampoo and conditioner on all my pampered clients and finish them with either the Macchio cologne or the Femina cologne for a perfect happy ending to my spa packages. My clientele is very selective and they ALL rave about it! Thank you Pet Store Direct team, specially Elena, always courteous and fast and friendly service. Sincerely, Nuria Honey Pooch
Puppy Grooming Products
Brittany Manning West Palm Beach 11:47:08 01-25-2018
I am obsessed with PSD's grooming items for our little furballs. We have two poodle mixes and I swear they have never smelled better! If I had to pick a favorite item, I'd say both the eye pads and coat spray are total essentials in our house. Good bye tear stains!!!
Great Selection of Natural Products
Cynthia Okimoto (New York Dog Nanny) New York 13:29:35 01-24-2018
We love Pet Store Direct! We always recommend Dog Fashion Spa's products as they are healthy, natural and one of a kind. It's nice to be able to provide recommendation s to our clients where we know the products have been nicely curated and are chemical free. Highly recommend!
Love Pet Store direct !
Dorothy Hunter Tri cities wa 13:08:14 01-24-2018
Pet Store direct has been amazing at getting product to me when I need it , and the customer service seems to be a number one priority....thanks for all you do !
Salon Aid
Catherine 16:25:16 05-05-2016

I am a pro groomer and I use this [essential oil] on my wrists before approaching a nervous dog. It really is very calming. This is my favorite salon secret!


Our favored grooming product ever, thank you Dog Fashion Spa(:
Rodrigo L. 16:21:54 05-05-2016

I have been a professional groomer for 14 years and always look for top quality products. I use Dog Fashion Spa shampoo, leave in lotion and essential oil coat freshener spray line in my shop in Brooklyn, NY. My clients love the end results and always come back asking for more :(

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