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Carpal Tunnel Ergo Hand for Groomers


VIP price $14.95Click HERE to become a VIPA set of two Ergo Hands, a must-have accessory for groomers with carpal tunnel issues or those experiencing hand fatigue.Made of medical grade, glea gel siliconeBPA-free, waterproof and easy to clean with waterExpands to offer compression for pain reliefLightweight and softReinforced thumb band provides more compression and pain reliefClick HERE to see all Tools..

Dog Fashion Spa Essential Calming Oils


Discover a 100% natural way to help relax and calm your dog. Dog Fashion Spa pure essential calming oils deliver aromatherapy for your dog, capturing the essence of Quality Life for Dogs®.If your dog is uneasy or nervous because of separation anxiety, traveling in the car, on a plane, or afraid of thunderstorms, try using Dog Fashion Spaprecious blend of essential oils to provide all-natural relaxation. or use the essential oils to create a relaxing, spa-like environment for any dog! dogs, just like humans, tremendously benefit from aromatherapy and deserve a relaxing dog spa day!Dog Fashion Spa essential calming oils have been developed by leading experts in canine aromatherapy to naturally..

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