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Hair Dye Permanent Colors by Crazy Liberty

$9.99 $12.99

In a Nutshell:Color Hair Dyes "Crazy Liberty" are made on the basis of vegetative and fruit components that not only color but also improve the health of the hair considering the peculiarities of animals' skin and furWe use plant and fruit juices AHA (α-hydroxy acid) as a dye extract to give the intensive colorThe paint includes an extract of lilies that nourishes and restores the structure of the damaged coat, protects it from bleaching under ultraviolet rays and soothes the animal skinUnlike permanent paints that are represented on markets, we do not use ammonia in "Crazy Liberty" that's why the structure of coat does not change!Permanent and non-toxic.Ingredients: p.p1 {margin:..

9 Temporary Ink Colors for Air Brushing Dog Hair

$39.99 $49.99

VIP price $39.99Click HERE to upgrade to a VIPIn the Nutshell:Safe temporary color ink designed to be used by pet groomers with the air brush (SOLD SEPARATELY HERE)9 bright, easy to dry colors: Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown and BlackRemovable after one wash1oz bottles (30 mL),  made in South KoreaIngredients: glycerol, benzoic acid, pigment, waterClick HERE to see all Creative products..

Airbrush Compressor Kit for Temporary Ink Coloring

$79.95 $89.99

VIP price $79.95Click HERE to upgrade to a VIPIn the Nutshell:Airbrush compressor, perfect for creative groomingAccommodates quick color changes with small amounts of inThe kit includes mini-compressor, airbrush, air hose connector, a plug and a mount holder.Working pressure 2-15 psi, air flow 10.5L/min, auto start 15psiPressure adjusted by handClick HERE to see all Creative products..

Creative Grooming Mini Clipper and Nail Grinder 2-in-1


2-in-1, ultra-light, mini-clipper and nail grinder for dog parents and creative groomersIn the Nutshell:Perfect for small dogs like yorkiesIdeal for the use by dog parentsHigh quality fixed steel and cutting ceramic bladeSteel nail grinder with sapphire coatingOperates on two AA type batteries (not included)Powerful super silent rotary motor..

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