Industrial Suction Cup by Proguard Pets


Industrial strength suction cup can be used to keep control of anything fasten to its stainless steel metal hook, no tools required and perfect for wet grooming areas.This product is 3” in diameter...

PawMat Elite by PawMat


Why PawMat?PawMat is a superior grooming table and kennel mat that can even be used as an anti-fatigue mat for dogs and groomers.If you look at a PawMat it resembles a yoga mat. Yoga mats are not all created equally so let's review different types.While there are some that provide a sticky surface, made of PVC there are others that provide more of a cushion, those made of rubber and thermoplastic and even those that are more like rugs as appose to mats, these are made of jute and cotton. Those yoga mats that are made from harmful toxic chemicals like PVC will be in landfills for decades. You can feel better if you use more natural mats like the others listed. So like yoga mats PawMat is..

Stay & Drive by Proguard Pets


The Dog Stay and Drive has many uses, whether washing your pet or going to the store, as well as training or as a leash. Never worry about keeping your pet secure with the Dog Stay and DriveThanks to the Dog Stay and Drive, taking your pet with you is easy. Unlike a seatbelt or other competing products, the Dog Stay and Drive attaches to your pet’s collar, keeping them comfortably in place. It’s simple to use and quick to attach. Simply connect it to your pet’s collar, and place the industrial strength suction cup on any window. Now you’ll no longer be distracted when bringing your pet along for a drive...

Towel Magnet by Davis


Loves water, wet pets, spills and puddlesSuper absorbent 100% rayon cloth draws and retains 10 times its weight in liquidUse it to quickly dry animals, to line cages, to sop up spills and accidents and to clean surfaces in your facility After each use, just hand-wring and it is ready to use againIt also can be machine-washed with any soap or disinfectant20" x 28", can be cut to any size..

Water Wisk 5-inch Pet Squeegee by EquiGroomer


If you’re looking to save time and mess, then you’ll definitely want to add the WaterWisk 5-Inch Pet Squeegee to your dog’s bathing tool kit because it works great at removing excess soap and water from their coat.The handle is made from naturally water- and mold-resistant Cedar and the blade is made from tough but flexible polyurethane–the same material silk screener’s use–so it’s very effective and safe at removing water from the coat, even on boney areas such as hips and legs...

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