Artero Anti-Static Volumizing Spray

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A perfect anti-static spray by Artero. Can also be used as a scissoring spray or to create volume (see instructions below).

  • After-bath anti-static spray
  • Try is as a scissoring spray to get the perfect finish
  • Dry micro-particles do not moisten the coat, instead separate the hairs from sticking to one another creating the perfect shape that lasts in between grooms
  • 150ml/4.6oz

How to use:

For anti-static effect (Yorkies, Cockers, Maltese, etc.): spray a light mist over the coat then brush in the natural direction of hair growth.

To create volume (Poodles, Bichons and other curly coated breeds): generously spray over coat then back-comb against natural direction of hair.

To use for scissoring or clipping the coat: spray the fine mist over the area, comb and scissor to get the perfect finish.

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Weight 0.74999999933861 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in


2 reviews for Anti-Static Volumizing Spray by Artero

  1. Jacqui s (verified owner)

    This product is a little tricky to work with but, overall its not too bad of a product. I have found that in order to reduce static from the coat, you need to spay lightly all over and then dry it for a few seconds and THEN spray it over your brush or comb, let dry, then brush/comb coat to reduce static build up. Like I mentioned, it is a little try to work with this product.

  2. Donna U. (verified owner)

    Great for fly away coats, smells great too.

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