Banish Dematting Spray Trial Size

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Banish’s dematting spray, designed to help unravel mats and tangles with speed and efficiency

  • Can be used before or after bathing, let the comb or brush do the work they were made for!
  • Adds softness and shine to the coat
  • Works great as an anti-static finishing spray
  • Added UV protection for the coat
  • Reduces coat drying time when applied on wet hair
  • A perfect companion to the Banish Super Conditioner that won the 2019 Product of the Year Award in the U.K.
  • Trial size, 100ml / 3.4oz

How to Use:

  • Dematting – Apply directly to mats and brush out. In severe cases use a force dryer to improve application and to penetrate the coat
  • Finishing – Lightly mist onto a dry coat and brush through to give a beautifully soft texture and high shine
  • For a coat that needs more attention, use with Banish Super Conditioner

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in

8 reviews for Banish Dematting Spray Trial Size

  1. Stephanie

    I really hope this gets to the lady i spoke to at Pet Pro Classic this past weekend. She spoke to me about The Thermo spray but sold me the Banish sample bottle. Let me just say THANK YOU! I used it on a Bov ive been doing that normally takes me about 1.5 to an hour and 45 mins. i got him done in about 45 mins today using Banish. i will soon be making an order for the big bottle. again thank you so much. ive alos really loved the little scrub brush and eye cleaner! Im a very happy customer!

  2. Mayra Grajales, ICMG

    This product is amazing and I know many people like it as a dematter and the hidden secret I found about using it was as a Quick Dry! I used it with German Shepherds (GSD) which needed some heavy deshedding and it worked amazing. I sprayed it on them through every step and the product did not dissapoint. It also does cut detangling time in half or more.

  3. Wild Dog Grooming

    It Works! It Works! It Works better than the Artero Matt X. And you don’t need much, thank God because it’s expensive! I’ve used it on curly coats and even long haired GSD coats. Get the trial size, you won’t regret it. I poured my sample bottle into the Artero spray bottle (the little black one) and it distributes much more evenly.

  4. Hope Peters (verified owner)

    From what I have gotten to use out if it it’s pretty good don’t have many matted dogs right now but still a great detangler for my needs and smells nice

  5. Kristina V. (verified owner)

    Excellent product.


    Love this product. It is our new magic wand

    • Maricon Belisario

      Hi Nichole! We appreciate you sharing your great experience with this product. 💚

  7. NICOLE H. (verified owner)

    Smells great and gets my dogs tangs out
    Had to get the trail size because they did not have the bigger size but on the list for when in stock

  8. Clara O. (verified owner)

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