Chris Christensen Big G Medium Coral Slicker


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Chris Christensen Big G brushes are the #1 bestsellers. Chris Christensen Big G Medium Coral Slicker brush is ideal for grooming dense and thick coats.

  • The brush has long, dense pins that are perfect for fluffing and shaping heads, toplines, and legs.
  • Great for fluffing and adding shape to dense coats
  • Makes hair dematting and detangling smooth and easy
  • Perfect for removing the thick undercoats and makes the velvety smooth coat
  • It has 40% extra pins than the Big K brushes it strengthens the hair hair better then other slickers
  • Specially designed for fluffing curly, cottony coats
  • The Chris Christensen Baby G coral slicker has an extra-long ergonomic handle that reduces wrist fatigue

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Chris Christensen

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in



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