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Chris Christensen professional shear oil tube for the ultimate care of shears. Oil for dog grooming shears from the renowned brand in dog shows.

  • This shear oil is specially designed for lubricating professional scissors and shears on a daily basis
  • Features a small, needle-like application tip, making it easy to apply with precision and accuracy
  • Ensures that the blades move smoothly against each other, reducing friction and preventing wear and tear
  • Shear oil helps to protect the blades from rust and corrosion
  • Helps to maintain the condition of your dog grooming shears and extend their lifespan
  • It is recommended to periodically clean and oil the blades to prevent damage and maintain their performance
  • 0.25 oz

How To Use: To properly lubricate your grooming shears, apply a few drops of shear oil to both the screw head and screw tip. Additionally, place a few drops of oil in between the blades in the screw area. After applying the oil, use a soft cloth to wipe away any excess oil, hair, or dirt from the tool to ensure it stays clean and well-maintained.

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Chris Christensen

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CCH S203

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