PetStore.Direct new Sharpening & Repair Center is now open. The turnaround time for tool sharpening and clipper repairs is 2-3 business days.

Tool Sharpening: We sharpen regular , wide blades, refurbing Wahl Bravura 5-in-1 blades and do blade restoration (Replace cutters if blade teeth are broken). Please make sure to fill out PetStore.Direct Sharpening and Repair Form completely to indicate services ordered. Click HERE to download the form.

Please follow Tool Care Do’s & Don’ts to ensure you get the most out of your grooming tools and use them properly (click HERE to download).

Also, check out Chunker Instructions to avoid causing your chunkers catching (click HERE to download).

Clipper Repairs: We are the official distributor , Service and Warranty Center for Heiniger clippers. We also repair Andis, Wahl and Artero clippers.

We highly recommend that you let our clipper repair professionals service your clippers. Please also follow Best Practices for Proper Clipper Care to ensure your tools are in the best condition (click HERE to download).

Please complete the PetStore.Direct Sharpening and Repair Form and mail it along with blades, scissors and clippers to:

PetStore.Direct Service Center, 163 Round Rock Road, Russellville, AR 72802

Sharpening & repairs phone & text support: 561-463-5078

Sharpening & repairs email: [email protected]

PetStore.Direct Sharpening & Clipper Repair Team is lead by our Master Sharpener Amberlee.

 Sharpener Dog Grooming Shears Blades Clipper Repair PetStore.Direct

Amberlee is a master sharpener of blades & shear technician through the National Beauty Tools Sharpeners Guild. She has 18+ years in customer service and the helping industries. Amberlee does everything from blades, shears, clipper repair, and all aspects of dog grooming tools. Amberlee is a certified dog groomer through Holly & Hugo and has countless hours not only in a dog grooming shop, but on ranches and farms around the United States. Amberlee has a masters degree in Professional Counseling and still enjoys helping people with their mental health. Dog grooming can be a stressful business and she strives on ensuring that customers are not only satisfied but feel that they were treated fairly, and appropriately. Amberlee is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard and has strived to improve all aspects of life for everyone she meets. Amberlee never quits learning and strives to know everything there is to know about dog grooming and sharpening. She strives to make dog groomers life, and work easier, not harder

You can call or text Amberlee at 561-463-5078 or email [email protected]