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Redip Care Solution for Blades by Whitman's


VIP Price: $17.45Click here to become a VIPWhitman's famous Redip Blade Care Solution. Why sharpen blades every 6 weeks when you can sharpen them every 6 months when you use Redit solution and store them in a caddy? Save hundreds of dollars in sharpening fees, prolong the life of your blades and protect yourself and pets in your care.Highly effective and safe blade care solution (kerosene-free)Helps clean blades from harmful debris and bacteriaReduces heat by lubricating equipment which in turn reduces overheating and clipper burnSave hundreds of dollars per year in sharpening fees by extending the life of your bladesYou can buy a Caddie separately HEREClick HERE to see All ToolsClick HERE t..

Dental Scaler by Whitman's


VIP Price: $11.45Click here to become a VIPWhitman's dental scaler, great for cleaning and scaling your pet's teeth with easePadded handle reduces slippage for maximum accuracy Made from durable stainless steel for years of useDesigned to alleviate soreness while in useHandle is comfortable, but strong enough to endure cleaning after useMade in the USAClick HERE to see All ToolsClick HERE to see all Whitman's products..

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