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Cat and Flat Face Dog Air Muzzle


VIP Price: $85.45Click here to become a VIPThe most popular muzzle/restraint used by cat groomersPerfect for cats and flat-faced dogsRe-usable and easy to cleanComfortable for pets and safe for pet groomersPreferred restrained by the veterinariansClick HERE to see all ToolsClick HERE to see all Tools..

Cat and Small Dog E-Collar and Muzzle

$6.99 $9.99

CLEARANCE SALE ITEM - ALL SALES ARE FINALVIP Price: $6.45Click here to become a VIPE-collar is a brilliant collar invented by Smart Practice and adopted by vets and groomers. Perfect for cats and small dogs.Easy to put on and adjustFits small cats and dogsDurable and light weightEasy to re-sell to clients (does not interfere with pets eating food)Click HERE to see all Tools..

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