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EquiGroomer 16-Piece Retail Kit with Display unit


Includes sixteen (16) 5-inch EquiGroomers 2 of each color, as well as the countertop display unit as shown..

EquiGroomer De-Shedding Tool


The 5-inch EquiGroomer is perfect for dogs, cats and other small pets. It effectively removes loose hair, dirt and dander on all parts your pet’s body, including their legs and bellies. The EquiGroomer’s blade is especially useful for sensitive-skinned animals who won’t tolerate the large teeth of a standard shedding blade. In fact, many actually find the grooming process very relaxing and enjoyable.The EquiGroomer’s design allows the majority of the hair to fall gently onto the floor rather than flying through the air and onto your clothes, face and hands. When the blade fills with dirt or hair, simply blow it off or simply pull it off with one swipe.The EquiGroomer not ..

Water Wisk 5-inch Pet Squeegee by EquiGroomer


If you’re looking to save time and mess, then you’ll definitely want to add the WaterWisk 5-Inch Pet Squeegee to your dog’s bathing tool kit because it works great at removing excess soap and water from their coat.The handle is made from naturally water- and mold-resistant Cedar and the blade is made from tough but flexible polyurethane–the same material silk screener’s use–so it’s very effective and safe at removing water from the coat, even on boney areas such as hips and legs...

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